Rule Breaking: Disability As Performance

Inspired by Andrew Solomon’s book Far from the Tree, this participatory action research/performance project is part of the NYU Drama Therapy Program’s As Performance series and will be the featured performance of the series in November 2015 at the Provincetown Playhouse.

Rule Breaking is a play about a community of people coming together.  People that know each other, that care for each other, that fear for each other. It explores the relationship between individuals with disabilities and their caretakers; its about mothers and sons, brothers and sisters, friends and companions; about sharing the struggles, pains, and joys of a life with disability; and about learning to break the rules a little bit.

Collaborators: Maria Hodermarska, Cecilia Dintino, Nick Brunner, Alec Silberblatt, Ming Yuan Low, Ethan Jones, Lily Houghton, Craig Becker, Delia Camden, Henry Houghton, Bernardo Carlucci, Gabriella Rhodeen, Bryant Reyonolds, Lindsey Snyder, Maya Rose Hormadaly, Noa Fort

2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. I would like more information sent to


    • Hello,
      Thank you for your interest in Rulebreaking! Most of the information concerning our research and process can be found on our blog. But we would be happy to supply you with additional information. What is the specific information would you like emailed to the address provided? Thank you!
      -The Rulebreaking Team


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