Mother writes from role of the Son:

So, I am…ok…well… particularly… I suppose… what I want to say… is that… is that… is



What you really need to understand about me is…


I am dary, dary loving and sensitive more than most people. My grandmother, Nana, thinks I have excellent judgment about people.

I….I….I…think about my identity as a person with a disability. I think about being a self advocate and teaching people about the needs of people with disabilities. I am scared about what I will do for work. I feel disrespected by my parents that they want me to take college classes as a matriculated student. I am frightened. I like getting cozy and like my words, I like getting stuck. Stuck is safe sometimes.

I like to skip when I am alone. I skip down streets. I don’t care. I have to. I can’t help myself. I may be a part of a small club of adults in the world who are proud public skippers. I used to skip with my what I called “my man” purse which was my lunch box. My mom said I looked like Tinky Winky.

If you skip, skip with me, you will understand why. Can you skip down a street in New York like me? Can you skip? If you skip you not only blow off steam but you feel what it is like to be free, for a small second, to fly.

You all live in a ghost world. If you skip you can’t be a ghost. You go down, dig in and up. Earth and God.  Here and now.

Another thing you should know is I drool. I have always drooled, especially when I laugh.

I can laugh at myself. Most people can’t laugh at themselves.

I love being with people. I crave it like food. It is the easiest thing in the world to love. Its like water.

I stammer…repetitions…words….ideas…all stammer.

I dig down into the earth again and again again again again again and and and and and

then the idea is released up and free.