Maria and Ethan Write as Mother and Son:

Mother and Son

Mother: You see this? You have to clean this up immediately. You will get mice or cockroaches. You see? Clean this up.

Son: Why do you always find things that are wrong?

Mother: Sweetheart…I’m just…uh…ok…

Son: Why do you always find things that are wrong?

Mother: Look, I’m just trying to help.

Son: Do you think it helps me to have you riding me constantly? Do you think it helps me to feel good about myself?

Mother: OK.

Son: Do you love me?

Mother: Yes, I do love you more than anything else in the whole wide world and then some everyday. You know I love you.

Son: What is it like to love me? Is it different than loving my brother or your step-children?

Mother: Its no different from how I love you.

Son: What is it like to love me? What kind of a person am I?

Mother: What did I just say?

Son: You are pretty harsh. You are mean sometimes.

Mother: Darling, I am not being mean. I just don’t want you to be in a situation where I am not around and you have a mouse or cockroach in your room and don’t know how to get rid of it.

Son: That is not what I meant. You are mean sometimes and you don’t even know it.

Mother: You are very responsible, polite, and non-judgmental.  You are friendly to others in a way that is warm and joyful.

Son: How do you see my disability?

Mother: I think that you need help with certain things. Generally speaking, you are still very independent. You can calculate how much money you need to buy an item…

Son: Not always. Sometimes I spend out my account.

Mother: Yes, but don’t worry that much cause you’re still learning.

Son: I am afraid to be independent from you but I also want it. I feel both ways and it is really frustrating for me.

Mother: That’s something that you can sit down with your therapist and discuss.

Son: I know. But what do you think? Do you want me to be independent or is there a part of you that wants me close, like an eternal baby?

Mother: Honey, I want you to be happy.

Son: Do you want me to be an eternal baby that you drag around by the arm like a ball and chain, like a weapon against the world?

Mother: No, of course not.  I want you to go out and have a life and do what you want and have a career or job that you want.

Son: What happens to me when you are gone?

Mother: Well we will figure out ways for you to live happily as you want.

Son: Happily as I want.

Mother’s Monologue:  

Look …oh…(sighs)…sometimes I can’t really figure it out but is he really listening or not?  There is a side to me that says that he is when he apologizes to me… when he apologizes to me four hours after the fact. But, there is another side to me that says that he just refuses to accept what I am saying to him when I tell him that I am saying that I love him.  If only he would …hmmmm…whenever he grunts his face…and says yes…he seems to listen. Whenever he just keeps on repeating himself that always says that he isn’t hearing what I have to say.  Confidence in someone else, it’s a funny thing sometimes. Particularly building confidence in a relationship with someone else. It always feels like no matter how many times this happens there is always something that feels tangled up.  No matter what happens each time, I am his mother and he is my son and then some.