February 9, 2015

A few reminders:

We will start this week by talking about diagnosis. Alec doesn’t know what its like to have to go through so many tests and to be told different things about who you are and are not.

If you can ask your parents about this and find out from them and from your own memory.

What were the circumstances of your birth? Were there any problems?

What does it mean to you now to have a label?

Then we will do our free play.

We will have lunch.

At 1pm Ming, who is a Music Therapist, will be joining us. Ming loves musical theater so we will be singing show tunes and maybe starting to write one of our own đŸ™‚ Welcome to the group Ming!

Ming will be with us until 2:30. Then we will have our wrap up time.

I think that this conversation might be hard so we will give ourselves plenty of time.

This week, Delia, we will have pizza!

February 15, 2015

Once again, thank you for your hard work today. Reminders to forward Alec your monologues.

I was hoping that for the 15th, we could discuss diagnosis and the impact of those on person living with one and on the family or caregiver. How many diagnoses have our woman and two men had over the years?

What do those words mean? How do they impact us all?

Also, can everyone bring in a suggested scene that you want to see played out by another team.

I for example, would like to see a scene in which Craig dresses Delia in the clothes and hair she longs to wear, pretty feminine and put together while this song plays over the scene. Its called a heart needs a home:

What scenes do you want to see?

A grateful hug to you all.