March 2015

What is Mommy Jail?

It is the place we can name where we feel controlled. Did you shave? You can’t wear that! We keep finding the ways we put each other in Mommy Jail.

Body and agency over the body: In our process we have learned how everyone has an experience of not having control over their bodies in different ways but everyone identifies with this.

Delia has discussed spending her whole adult life trying to communicate to generations of therapists that misdiagnosed her until she went on her own to change her gender legally with the Feds and the State.

Henry talked about wanting a tattoo.

Ethan wrote a monologue about arriving at the breakfast table with a Hitler moustache and his mother telling him he couldn’t go out into the world with it.

Ethan and Maria saw a great film called Coaching Colburn. Here are some clips: