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Article Commentary from Collaborator Maria Hodermarska:
This terrible shooting and our country’s raging challenges with gun violence continues. The shooter in Oregon has been identified in the press as both someone living with Asperger’s Syndrome and someone also living with a co-occurring mental health diagnosis of Bi-Polar Illness.
What I find interesting in this article is that the mother in this recent school shooting (like the mother of the Newtown Ct. shooter) is being blamed. Is she responsible for letting her son build up an arsenal in their home? Why do we feel such rage for these mothers? Why is it that in spite of all their advocacy and hard work on behalf of their children living with disabilities that we feel such anger and blame and hatred for the mother and some sort of sad sympathy for the shooter? 
Mothering a child with disabilities is a NO WIN situation most of the time. I am depressed by my anger towards this mother and I am deeply sad and protective of her. 
Her best efforts at care and protection were NOT “good enough.” She failed. We all fail.  That is the truth.  A recurring question from one mother in our play is “Was it my fault?” Is this mother from Oregon to blame? Is what happened her fault?