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In a letter to Maria Hodermarska, recent NYU Drama Therapy graduate, Cameron Wade, shares her audience experience after seeing Rule Breaking on opening night.


Dearest Maria,

It will be hard for me to adequately capture the feelings I have now and had last night witnessing the beautiful work that was Rule Breaking. Still, I have a desire to communicate these feelings to you and my hope is that you might communicate them to your colleagues, your son, your castmates.

The first feeling is gratitude. I feel so grateful for the opportunity, the privilege, the honor of witnessing this deep, soul-bearing work.

The second feeling, I think, is connectedness. I feel connected to the perfect imperfect truth telling (as close as we can come to it?) and utter humanness of the stories that were told so simply and artfully.

Finally, I feel full of love. In the theatre last night, my favorite place to be, I felt so very much in love with the experience. The newness, the rawness, exposed, held up, ephemeral, ugly, beautiful, truly awesome, comforting, anxious, awkward, healing – love.

In this time of transition in my life, when I feel so fearful and overwhelmed in the world and the uncertainty of everything, I found by watching this play, renewal of my spirit, bolstering of my courage, presence, breath, grace and the gentle urge to press onward through the shit – right from my seat in the audience. Restorative. Therapeutic.

For these things, for this experience, I am so very grateful. Thank you for a truly wonderful night in the theatre.

May you, your director, your crew and the rest of your cast enjoy an AMAZING run.

With all my heart,